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High Quality

Extremely high-quality organic and natural fabrics extracted from fruits and plants.


Recyclable, sustainable, 100 % degradable, and environmentally friendly.


Nurtures your skin and hair with vitamins. For sensitive scalps, skin, and hair. Acting like you are applying lotions and creams to your complexion.

Treat your hair and skin Breathability

Cooling & Breathable

Through this collection, we also have considered different weather and the importance of cooling and breathability of your hijab. Also, we go the extra mile of caring for your beauty and brightness.

Durable Fabric

With all the above we stayed on track to provide you with durable pieces that last longer without pilling, fading, or even shrinking.

We have made it a point to present you with sustainable silky fabrics to hug your face and accentuate your glamour.

Responsible Manufacturing

SHINE THE HIJAB stands to its values to care about our customers and mother earth. We set our mission to responsibly manufacture our products and to promote environment-friendly measures through our solutions as much as we can.