We use very special unique fabrics and achieve zero material waste. Also, we support family businesses and handmade crafts to make sure they sustain.

In this experience, we live with Hijab-wearing women, and we have taken into consideration the unprecedented challenges we all face that have changed our world. The pandemic we undergo has transferred much of the weight of the transaction to the internet, while climate change has put us in front of ourselves to be careful in what we do and what we manufacture. In response, we have made our goal to use quality technology tools and eco-friendly materials for our products. And support small family businesses and handmade crafters to make sure they sustain their businesses. Also, we have onboard a team of smart and talented members. We invite you to join us in this exciting journey to a world of modest fashion so that we unfold its wonders hand in hand.

We are proud to introduce our handmade products which made them different from each other. We hope you appreciate them as much as we do.

Our Products Include 6 main collections and categories:

Bridal & Occasions.

Introduces an Exclusive and Limited Edition Handmade Collection made for your wedding day and special occasions. We use unique designs and high-quality fabrics to complement your elegance and royal look.

Treat Your Hair & Skin 

A breathtaking fruity and plants based collection where we introduce a unique and fabulous line of organic and natural fabric collections of hijabs. It treats your hair and skin like any beauty-nurturing product. It's the first of its kind. You will wear hijabs made from Oranges, Aloe Vera, Banana, and Sugarcane fibers fabrics. In addition to 100% Bamboo and 100% Modal. Can you believe that?!


Jersey, Chiffon, Squiggly Chiffon Prints and Solid, and Silk hijabs are all made from the finest fabrics in your favorite natural and earthy colors, vibrant and lively colors, and this season’s powerful new colors choices: Digital Lavender, Sundial Yellow, Luscious Red, Verdigris Green, and Tranquil Blue.


This collection includes several items for indoor and outdoor activities for sporty Muslim women. We are working with our designers and manufacturers who are utilizing Japanese technologies and Thai engineering capabilities to deliver an exclusive collection made from the finest high gauge hygienic & protective yet comfortable luxury sports hijabs.

Cool Girl 

Our fashionable and stylish collection of bucket hats, hoodie tubes, and cool printed hijabs are designed to match your unique personality and to shine your individuality.


Our adorable and practical collections of Bamboo Underscarves, strong Hijab Magnets, and cool Scrunchies for extra volume hair shape and usual hairstyle are designed to match your needs in style.

Supplier Responsibility

SHINE THE HIJAB also cares for the sustainability of the suppliers it works with and their practices.

We work with manufacturers that are away from power looms, instead, use hand looms that ensure to employ the biggest number of rural staff with no discrimination due to gender, disability, religion, or race. Also, we support family businesses and handmade crafts to make sure they sustain.

We care that our manufacturers are observant for saving children from labor and not getting them into the workforce before the age of 18.  Also, the staff is not pushed to exceed 50% efficiency.

We cooperatively maintain long-term relationships with our suppliers who in turn keep their relationships with their workers which make sure there is a sense of job security.

Ensuring a healthy and safe working environment for workers is important for us and encouraged when dealing with manufacturers.

Sustainable Production

Using dyes in manufacturing that are not toxic is of significance to us.  The brand hails production processes that focus on achieving zero material waste like manufacturers that make certain that wastewater from the dye house is treated and released to the agriculture field while the dye sludge is sent to be reused in the cement industry. 

Social Responsibility

We appreciate the handmade products and promised to introduce them in our collections as part of our social responsibility and obligations.

SHINE THE HIJAB also deals with suppliers that exhibit social responsibility towards their workers.  That is to establish funds that are directed to improving rural workers’ lives and providing them with better medical and educational services.  Also, it is admired to have funds and buy from the artisans directly.

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