Do I have to be a working woman or a student to be glamorous and think of how I look in my hijab? Not at all. Even homemakers and stay in women can also consider how they appear; and look chic. Sometimes we are an extended family that have so many members who live together. Sometime it is Eid or Ramadan time and we are hosting family or friends as guests in our homes or at gatherings. Sometimes, we are invited to special occasions or we are the heroines of these occasions. We all women, without exceptions love to look our best, and it is our right that we can act upon.

Big families have something nice about them. They are full of life even with their intervals of frictions. That is a quick and comfy hijab to throw around our heads and go out for unplanned and relaxing strolls can be the solution. We can keep the beauty of relationships continue without losing the new touches of the younger generations’ life routines. These little details as staying comfortable and look smart even in our homes, have a great effect in our daily lives and an impact on our relationships. We can still host more people and enjoy their company without being so restricted. We can still enjoy occasions either our yearly happy occasions or personal and social ones. Also, we can have more than one generation under the same roof to take care of each other and have fun.

Let’s enjoy our life and not go on in our path solo. SHINE THE HIJAB makes sure to cherish the moment and keep your life rich with happiness. We will be bold, confident and chic all together. We will go on in our lives; but we will meet and enjoy each other company. Our lives will be with SHINE THE HIJAB full of experiences and people with the blessings of doing the right thing.


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