What does make us hijabis? I believe in regions like the west and The U.S., the main reason for us is to submit to Allah’s command to cover. There are of course a bunch of other reasons, like belonging to a group, looking nice…etc Thankfully, submitting to Allah’s orders would also bring about the other benefits that some may like to have.

Nevertheless, being a hijabi could bring one more benefit that might increase our happiness substantially, which is being kind to oneself. This is by valuing ourselves and keeping all that is defining our femininity covered. The thing that accentuates our uniqueness even more.

I know being different than the group is not always easy, and even excruciatingly painful sometimes; but with patience and the sense we are living with purpose will make it all up for us. Also, busying ourselves at the selfcare side with looking the best with our hijab, looking the best with our difference and uniqueness, will add tons to our happiness. With much gratitude, now, we can do that without sacrifices how we do look. We all ladies can stay beautiful and complying to Allah’s commands, plus plus.

SHINE THE HIJAB is the brand that takes care of us at the different age phases. It accommodates us in our early youth, adulthood and middle-aged stage and in our senior age. SHINE THE HIJAB makes sure for us to stay happy and decent all life long with Allah Willing.


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